semi trucks

Our client was at work and walking across the parking lot toward his truck at a trucking warehouse.  The defendant was driving a "yard spotter" or "puller" truck, which consisted of a modified semi-type cab used to pull trailers in the lot. The defendant was operating the equipment too fast for conditions and failed to keep a proper lookout and did not see our client.  As a result, our client was struck and suffered a fractured sternum and fractured vertebrae in his back.  

The defendant argued that other trucks were blocking his view and the weather was at fault for the accident. The defendant further argued that with only five months of treatment, our client’s claim wasn’t even worth the medical bills. Refusing to place blame on our client, Attorney James Theisen settled our client’s case for 2 ½ times his medical bills. 

2.5 x Medical Bills

James K. Theisen
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