Truck Back Up Accidents Injuries and Recoveries

Backing up can be a particularly dangerous maneuver for any vehicle, but it is especially dangerous for trucks. When a trucker puts the truck in reverse without using reasonable care, the results are often catastrophic.

When Is a Trucker Negligent?

A trucker is negligent any time the trucker fails to use reasonable care. When the truck is in reverse, a trucker may be negligent if the trucker:

  • Failed to account for blind spots. Truck blind spots can extent up to 160 feet behind the vehicle. Mirrors do not help a trucker see all of the truck’s blind spots. Instead, truckers may need to get out of their vehicles to look for potential hazards, use spotters to help them back up safely, and use all of the truck’s safety mechanisms to prevent a back-up accident.
  • Failed to warn others that the truck was backing up. Truckers must warn others of their intent to back up. The warning may include using the truck’s back-up alarm that often makes a beeping sound, using the horn to warn others, or using four-way hazard signals.
  • Failed to account for factors that may make the maneuver more challenging. Darkness or slippery roads, for example, could create additional hazards.

Truck back-up accidents often happen at relatively low speeds, but they can still cause severe injuries, particularly if a truck hits a pedestrian. If you’ve been hit by a truck, then you may be suffering from a brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bone, internal injury, or amputation. If your loved one was hit by a truck, then you may be mourning for your loved one who died in the crash.

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