The type of motorcycle accident may influence your injuries and eventual recoveryYour motorcycle accident and the injuries that you suffer are unique. If those injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence then you deserve fair compensation for the damages that you’ve suffered. However, before you can recover damages you will need to prove the cause of your accident. While many factors go into proving negligence, one factor that you should consider is the type of crash that occurred.

Why Is the Type of Accident Important?

Details about how another vehicle collided with your motorcycle may help establish who was at fault for the accident. Some common types of Illinois motorcycle accidents include:

  • Left-turn accidents. Often, these types of accidents occur when a car or truck attempts to make a left turn and fails to see or fails to accurately judge the distance of the motorcycle traveling straight from the other direction. The car or truck could hit the side of the motorcycle or the motorcycle could hit the side of the car or truck.
  • Head-on collisions. These serious—and often deadly—crashes occur when a car or truck is traveling in the wrong lane or traveling the wrong way down a one-way road. The front of the car or truck and the front of the motorcycle may collide.
  • Rear-end wrecks. The driver of a car or truck who is traveling behind you and who fails to stop in time to avoid hitting you can cause serious damage. If you are hit from behind, it is often the fault of the driver who hit you. That driver may have been driving aggressively, driving while distracted, driving while drunk, or speeding, for example.
  • T-bone crashes. These crashes often occur at intersections. Car and truck drivers may fail to see a rider or accurately judge the distance of a motorcyclist and a side impact crash, also known as a T-bone accident, may occur.

The severity of injuries that are suffered in these types of accidents depend on the speed of both vehicles at the time of the crash, the point of impact, and other factors.

Get the Help You Deserve If You’ve Been Hurt

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