Dog attack lawsuits in Iowa are very complex matters

This isn’t something you’ve ever done before, and it is something you hope never to do again.

You’ve been hurt by a dog and you are suffering physically and financially because of your dog bite wounds. You need to take action, but what action do you need to take?

Eight Things You Need to Know Before You Go Any Further

There are some things that you should be prepared for now. For example, you should know…

  1. You have a limited time to file a case. The Iowa Statute of Limitations typically gives you two years to file a case, but there are exceptions to this general rule.
  2. Whether you even have the right to file a case. If you’ve been hurt, or you have a certain legal relationship to the person who was injured, then you may have the right to file a lawsuit.
  3. What to do if it was your child who was hurt by a dog. It’s up to you to protect your child’s legal recovery and you need to take specific actions to do so.
  4. What happens if you or your child was partly responsible for the dog bite. You may still be able to recover damages, but you need to be prepared for the defense’s arguments and you need to understand your rights.
  5. How to collect evidence and protect it. Evidence will be necessary to prove the dog owner’s liability and the extent of your injuries.
  6. What witnesses may be important to your case. Both eyewitnesses and expert witnesses could have an important impact on the outcome of your case.
  7. How dog bite settlements work. It may be possible to settle your case, but it takes work. Find out how to do it here.
  8. Whether you need a lawyer. An attorney can help protect your rights and make sure that you get the full and fair recovery that you deserve.

And this is just the beginning…

Know What to Expect After Your Dog Bite Lawsuit Is Filed in Court

Once you file a complaint in state court, the defendant will have the opportunity to file an answer to your complaint. After that, both you and the defendant will have the right to participate in the discovery process and to file motions related to your claim. If the case is not settled prior to trial or resolved through a motion to the court, then a judge or jury will hear your case and decide whether you should recover damages.

This is a complicated process and one with very real consequences for your future. Accordingly, it is important to talk to an experienced dog bite lawyer before you do anything that could jeopardize your right to a fair recovery. Call us anytime—1-800-800-5678—or read our free dog bite brochure to learn more.

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