Key evidence will strengthen your dog attack claim

Due to the serious nature of a dog bite and the damage that it can cause, a dog owner may be held responsible for any injuries that result when his animal attacks. When a victim tries to recover for the damages incurred, she will often face fierce opposition from the dog’s owner and his attorneys. For this reason it is important to be able to show proof of the incident and losses.

Types of Evidence You Don’t Want to Lose

You have the right to begin gathering and preserving evidence as soon as you are hurt. This may include:

  • Taking pictures. Important pictures may include pictures taken at the scene of the dog bite or immediately after the bite that show what the full extent of the injury looked like. Pictures should continue to be taken after any surgeries, rehabilitation therapies, and periodically through the recovery process to show the ongoing effects of the injury.
  • Video. It is unlikely that you recorded your own dog bite accident. However, an eyewitness may have captured the attack on her phone, or a nearby business may have recorded the attack on surveillance cameras. Since these videos are not within your control, your attorney will need to act quickly to make sure that they are saved and accessible to you as you pursue a claim.
  • Witness statements. It is important to get the names and contact information for anyone who witnessed your dog bite incident. Their testimony could be important to your recovery and it may be important for your attorney to speak to these witnesses as soon as possible.

As you pursue a claim, other types of evidence—including vet records, interrogatories, depositions, and other documents—may also be important. Your attorney can help you get make sure that all relevant evidence is obtained and you are treated fairly.

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