A broad range of injuries can follow from a dog bite or other attack

How badly can a dog hurt you?

The answer will be different for each and every dog bite victim, and should be discussed with a physician.

Yet All Dog Bite Victims Should Be Aware of the Following Risks

Dog bite victims may suffer from:

  • Facial injuries. A facial scar can be physically and emotionally painful. It can interfere with your self-esteem and impact your quality of life. Children are more likely than adults to suffer facial injuries from a dog bite, but all dog bite victims regardless of age are at risk of suffering this type of injury.
  • Infections. Dangerous and life-threatening infections can result from a dog bite. A prompt diagnosis and treatment plan is essential. Many infections are treated with antibiotics that require a doctor’s prescription.
  • Amputations. Amputation may occur if the dog severs the tendons and muscles in such a way that makes reattachment of an arm, hand, finger, leg, foot, or toe impossible. An amputation may also be necessary if it is the only way to stop an infection.
  • Scarring. Scarring can result from a dog bite or attack. Reconstructive surgery and other treatments may minimize the scarring, but not be able to eliminate it. For many dog bite victims, scarring is a lifetime reminder of the horror they endured.
  • Nerve damage. Nerve damage may be significant or mild and it may be permanent or temporary. Any potential nerve damage should be diagnosed and treated by your doctor.
  • Death. Unfortunately, a dog bite can result in death from bleeding, from infection, or from other causes.

Additionally, children may suffer dog bite injuries in all the ways that adults do and in ways that affect their lives for many years.

Injuries May Differ, But the Path to Recovery Is the Same

Regardless of how you or your child has been hurt, you need to take action to protect your recovery. This may include filing a lawsuit before the legal deadline.

Before you talk to any insurance adjusters or attorneys for the dog owner, it is important to speak to your own lawyer to and to learn more about your rights and recovery. Please contact us at 1-800-800-5678 any day, any time, to find out more and to schedule your free consultation with an experienced dog bite lawyer.

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