The dog owner or the business owner may be responsible if you have been attacked or bitten in a commercial area

The same rules apply regardless of where your dog bite occurs in Iowa. According to Iowa dog bite laws, the owner of the dog is responsible for paying your damages after you’ve been bitten by a dog at vet’s office, pet groomer, retail store, or other business location in the state of Iowa.

But It Might Not Be That Simple

Before you can recover damages, you will need to prove who the owner of the dog was at the time that you were injured and whether anyone else, such as a landlord or business owner, might be liable for your injuries.

One way to prove who owns a dog is to look at the dog’s registration papers. If the person to whom the dog was registered and with whom the dog lives was present at the time that you were injured, then it is likely that that person will be considered to be the dog owner and it is that person who will need to pay your damages.

However, that may not be the only way to prove ownership of a dog in Iowa. If you can prove that someone else, such as a vet, groomer, or pet sitter had the dog in his possession at the time of the bite and was keeping it in a manner that an owner typically does, then that person may be considered to be the dog owner for purposes of your dog bite claim.

Additionally, you may have another cause of action against the property owner or manager if you can prove that the owner or manager knew or should have known that there was a dog on the property that could pose a threat to others.

You Need to Take Action Against the Right Defendant

Liability can be complicated, but you need to take action against the right defendant in order to recover damages. To find out more about who may be liable for your dog bite injuries and to get the recovery that you deserve, please contact us via this website at any time. We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation so that you can make an informed decision about pursuing a fair and just recovery.

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