Busted concrete walkway on poorly maintained property

Property owners have a duty to keep their premises reasonably maintained so that visitors to the property avoid injury. When a property owner fails to clean or fix his property and a person falls and gets hurt, then that property owner may be legally responsible for paying for the fall victim’s injuries.

However, before you can recover you will need to prove that the property owner’s failure to property maintain the property caused your slip and fall accident and injury.

You Will Need Evidence

You will need to prove that there was a condition that a reasonable property owner would have fixed or warned you about and that it was that condition that caused your injury. Some examples of inadequate property maintenance include:

  • Broken lighting.
  • Broken stairs.
  • Broken handrails.
  • Ripped or torn carpet.
  • Uneven flooring.
  • The failure to clean clutter or slippery conditions.

If you have been for any of these reasons—or because of any other property maintenance issue—then you are going to need evidence to prove your case. Evidence may include:

  • Video surveillance.
  • Photographs (preferably taken immediately after your accident)
  • Witness reports.
  • Medical records.

This information can help prove how you were hurt and the extent of your injuries to the insurance company or to the court.

You Will Need to Advocate for Your Recovery

Property owners may delay giving you insurance information. Even if you get insurance information, the insurance company is likely to offer you a low settlement. Neither the property owner nor the insurance company is looking out for your best interests.

Instead, you are going to have to fight for your recovery. You can be confident that your rights and full potential recovery are protected by consulting with a slip and fall attorney. A lawyer will help you determine what your case is really worth and will fight for your fair recovery with the insurance company or in court. To learn more, please schedule a free consultation with a lawyer today by calling 1-800-800-5678.

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