Boy slipping and falling on staircase

There are many tips for protecting your rights after a slip and fall injury. These tips and resources are important to your fair recovery. However, as important as it is to follow those tips, it is equally as important to avoid serious mistakes.

These Mistakes Could Cost You Your Fair Recovery

Specifically, it could be a mistake to

  1. Refuse medical treatment. Not only could this cause you to suffer unnecessary pain, but it could also interfere with your legal recovery. In order to recover damages you will need to prove that the fall caused your injuries. Thus, prompt medical care is important.
  2. Not follow your doctor’s orders. You could risk making your injuries worse if you fail to follow the treatment plan put together by your doctor.
  3. Not tell anyone about the accident. You should report the accident to the property owner or manager promptly. Be prepared to share the date, time, and location of your fall.
  4. Fail to preserve video. Some properties have surveillance cameras that may have captured your fall on video. It is important to take prompt action to make sure that these videos are preserved.
  5. Discuss the details of the accident with a property owner, property manager, or insurance adjuster. Do not discuss what might have caused your fall. You do not want to give the potential defendants a chance to fix the problem or destroy evidence.
  6. Fail to take pictures. Pictures can be extremely useful in proving your case.
  7. Fail to get contact information from witnesses. Eyewitness testimony may also be very useful in proving your case.
  8. Provide a recorded statement to the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are not looking out for your best interests. Anything that you say in a statement—whether recorded or not—may be used against you later.
  9. File a lawsuit without an attorney. You can file a case without a lawyer, but you may be leaving money on the table and failing to get the fair damages that you deserve. Additionally, you may have to handle all of the stress of a lawsuit on your own.
  10. Accept a settlement without an attorney. Once you accept a settlement it is binding and you are very unlikely to get additional damages in the future. Thus, you need to be confident in the settlement amount before signing any papers.

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