Your spouse, parents, friends and even children may have expressed concern: They are afraid that your desire to ride a motorcycle is going to result in a tragic Milwaukee motorcycle accident. They love you and are scared that you will end up hurt — or worse.

You are confident in your ability to ride a motorcycle safely, but what can you tell your loved ones to help them understand your point of view?

Explain That You Are Well Prepared Before You Get on Your Bike 

Before you begin riding a motorcycle, it is important to:

  • Take a motorcycle safety course.
  • Purchase proper safety equipment including but not limited to a well-fitted DOT-approved helmet.
  • Make sure that the bike that you will be riding has necessary safety equipment, including but not limited to anti-lock braking systems, if appropriate.

You may have already done these things, but telling your loved ones about them could help ease their fears.

Let Your Loved Ones Know How to Help You and Other riders

Keeping motorcyclists safe requires the cooperation of all motorists and drivers, not just motorcyclists. If your loved ones are wondering what they can do to help keep you and other riders keep safe on their roads, point them to the following free resources from the Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorneys of Hupy and Abraham:

  • "Watch for Motorcycles" Window Cling. This message can be displayed on their car windows to remind other motorists about the need to slow down and watch for motorcyclists.
  • rider Newsbrief. This will keep your loved ones up-to-date on all the latest motorcycle news, so that they can better understand your interest in biking.

Your loved ones may better understand your decision and provide their support to you if they have this type of information available to extend their knowledge.

Know How to Contact an Experienced Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer After a Crash

Despite your preparedness, an accident may still occur. If you are hurt in a Milwaukee motorcycle crash, then it is important to contact an experienced Milwaukee personal injury lawyer who believes in rider rights and is willing to fight for your fair and just recovery.

For general information, you may request a free copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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