An Active Surgery After a Motorcycle Wreck in Illinois

You should take action quickly. If your doctor determines that surgery is a reasonable and necessary part of your motorcycle accident treatment, then you should get the surgery.

How to Pay for Surgery the Insurance Company Denies

You have a couple of options—neither of which includes writing a check to the hospital. If you need surgery after a motorcycle crash, then:

  • Your health insurance may cover the cost. Your health insurance company may pay for your surgery and then seek reimbursement from the insurance company responsible for paying for your motorcycle accident injuries. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on your health insurance after a motorcycle crash because you may not get all of the damages you deserve.
  • The insurance company responsible for paying for your crash injuries may change its mind. You will need to show the insurance company that you are serious about pursuing your rights and that it might eventually cost the insurance company more to fight over your surgery than to agree to pay for your surgery. You can do this by hiring an attorney who will gather the right medical evidence and present it to the insurance company.
  • You may go to court to force the accident insurance company to pay. If the insurance company is unwilling to pay for the reasonable surgery that you need after your motorcycle accident, then your lawyer can fight for your fair recovery in court.

Right now, you are facing surgery, and you are in physical pain. You do not need the stress of the insurance company’s denial of your valid claim.

Get Help to Receive the Motorcycle Accident Recovery You Deserve

Our motorcycle accident lawyers are also riders. We know how frustrating it is to be treated unfairly, and we will fight to make sure that you get for compensation for all of your medical care, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

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