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Why shouldn’t I just let my health insurance cover my medical bills after a motorcycle accident injury?


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Your health insurance can’t compensate you for all your losses after a motorcycle crashThe most important thing that you can do after you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident is to get medical care. If you are in pain, if you are out of work because of your injury, or if you are in danger of further harm without medical care then time is of the essence. You need immediate medical attention and you may give little thought to allowing the doctor or hospital to bill your health insurance company.

But Paying With Your Own Health Insurance Can Cause Problems

Assuming for the purposes of this answer that your health insurance agrees to pay for your medical treatment after a motorcycle accident injury, it is important to know that:

  • You will need to pay your deductible and co-pays. This can be thousands of dollars, depending on the specific terms of your health insurance plan.
  • Health insurance will not cover all of your costs. While your health insurance company may agree to pay for your doctors’ visits and medical treatments, your health insurance company is not going to pay for your lost income, your out-of-pocket costs, your physical pain, or your emotional suffering.

In most cases, motorcycle accident insurance policies should cover damages—including healthcare costs—before health insurance companies.

For these reasons, it is important to fight for your just recovery of accident damages by contacting an experienced attorney who can determine who was liable for your accident and which motorcycle insurance company should pay for all of your motorcycle injury damages. To learn more, please fill out our online contact form and allow our experienced lawyers to contact you to schedule a free initial consultation.

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