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As a service to the local communities in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, our Midwest trial attorneys frequently post recent news regarding motor vehicle accidents, class action lawsuits, product recalls, current rider news and events, and more.

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  • Wisconsin Teens Face Multiple Charges After Accident With “Deer” Several Wisconsin teens received minor injuries when the SUV one boy was driving swerved and flipped. The boys moved the SUV and told police that the accident occurred when the driver attempted to miss hitting a deer. However, police quickly realized that the teens were not telling the truth. Charges against the driver and his passengers range from driving too fast for conditions to obstruction of justice.
  • In Wisconsin and Nationwide Auto Accidents Leading Cause of Child Deat According to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, auto crashes are the leading cause of death among children ages 3 to 14. This is a startling fact, but one that as Milwaukee accident attorneys we know to be true. Please read on to learn more about the statistics involved in the study and to learn more about preventing childhood injury and death through proper car seat and booster seat use.
  • Thanksgiving DUI Checkpoints in Milwaukee County and across Wisconsin Many consider Thanksgiving weekend the beginning of the holiday season. As such, we tend to begin the celebration with a toast or two. However, police departments across Milwaukee County and across Wisconsin are out in force in an attempt to deter drivers from drinking and driving. DUI task forces will be out starting today, November 24th and will continue through the long weekend.
  • Wisconsin Affected by Massive Infusion Pump Recalls The FDA has recently announced a rash of recalls over medical devices. The latest, a serious class 1 recall, involves the Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump. This pump, and others like it, have been responsible for over 700 deaths and innumerable injuries over the past five years. If you have lost a loved one after an infusion pump failure you are not alone. Contact your Milwaukee, Wis. class action attorney at Hupy and Abraham today. Together we will be heard
  • FDA Takes a Closer Look at Defibrillators in Wisconsin, Nationwide Though defibrillators can and do save thousands of lives a year, the FDA is concerned that the steady stream of recalls, involving hundreds of thousands of devices, indicates a serious problem. The FDA has conducted 68 recalls since January, 2005. If you believe that a faulty defibrillator caused the injury or death of a loved one there may be something you can do about it.
  • Wisconsin State Patrol will Review Fatal Kenosha County Accident The family of a Kenosha teen who lost her life during an accident with a possible drunk driver may get the justice they seek. The Wisconsin State Patrol and the Kenosha District attorney have agreed to review the case, in which the driver who hit the young girl was not charged for the deadly accident; despite admitting to drinking earlier that evening.
  • Teens in Wisconsin, Nationwide Injured, Killed While Car Surfing You teen is just that; a teen. For too many this means taking undo risks and putting themselves in harm's way for a good time; a laugh. One dangerous trend involving teens and cars is car surfing. Though riding on top of a car is not new news, think Teen Wolf, YouTube and social networking sites have brought this trend to an all time high.
  • Multiple Vehicle Accident in Vernon Hills Injures Three A multiple car accident in Vernon Hill, Illinois closed traffic for some time and sent four people to the hospital. The serious accident occurred when one car slammed into the rear end of another, forcing it to hit a third and then fourth vehicle. Emergency personnel from Lincolnshire Riverwoods, Libertyville, Lake County and Lake Forest were on the scene to help treat the injured and prevent further accidents.
  • Family of Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Victim Searches for Answers The family of an East Troy man is asking that the public come forward and reveal the cause of a motorcycle accident that left the rider in critical condition. The accident occurred on I-43 near Moorland in New Berlin. A DOT video shows a woman getting out of her vehicle, looking at the man and then getting back in her SUV and driving away. If you have any information please contact police immediately.
  • Booster Seat Safety Improving in Wisconsin, Across Nation Booster seats have, in the past, had a spotty safety record. Safety experts too often found that the seats were hard to use and did not offer the protection they should. However, the car seat industry has been working to improve the safety and efficiency of their booster seats. In this article we will be looking at the top booster seats as rated and reviewed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.