Posted on Jan 20, 2011

Even a minor snowstorm can wreak havoc on the roadways of Wisconsin.  A minor storm that dropped only a few inches of snow caused multiple accidents in Wausau and across the region.  Marathon County 911 Supervisor Tony Nardi reported more than 50 calls for accidents.  Eleven calls involved rollover accidents and ten caused minor injuries.  No serious injuries were reported in any of the crashes.

On Interstate 39, near the village of Kronenwetter, a multiple-car accident left many vehicles in roadside ditches.  Though this accident only caused minor injuries, emergency personnel were busy across the region. Police and EMTs responded to accidents on Highway 29 and Highway 97 in Marathon County, near Weston and Rib Mountain.  

Cold weather necessitates careful driving.  Yet too many drivers don't slow down, don't reduce their speed or increase the distance between the car in front of them.  The attorneys at Hupy & Abraham urge all of Wisconsin to slow down, pay attention to the road and the conditions around you.  If we all take our time we can avoid the serious accidents that too often injure, even kill, thousands each year.     

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