Posted on Dec 29, 2010

Avandia is a drug that many in Wisconsin take to help treat their diabetes.  However, a recall involving the often prescribed drug sites the serious cardiac risks associated with use of the prescription drug.  The recall of Avandia is one of far too many prescription drug recalls.

The pharmaceutical giants that manufacture the bulk of the prescription drugs in the U.S. spend outrageous amounts of money developing, testing and bringing new drugs to market.  Therefore, if a drug receives FDA approval the company is deeply invested in the success of the drug.  The question many are asking is, "Has the FDA done enough to protect us from dangerous, even deadly, prescription drugs and from the greed of the pharmaceutical industry?"

Some believe that the FDA should receive more funding, thereby allowing the government agency to conduct its own studies before the release of the drug and allowing closer monitoring of the drug during its first years on the market. 

Others point to the fact that drug side effects go severely underreported.  Doctors and surgeons too often fail to report adverse drug reactions in patients for fear of harassment from the manufacturer.

No matter what happens, more funding or not, a higher reporting rate or not, one thing is certain:  Without serious consequences, drug giants will continue to produce and sell drugs that harm more than they heal. 

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