Posted on Feb 08, 2011

Only one lane of Douglas Avenue in Caledonia was open, the other still piled high with snow, when a driver attempted to bypass traffic and drive in the unplowed lane.  As he sped his Lincoln Town Car around the other vehicles and into the snow filled lane he lost control of his vehicle, causing it to spin out and crash head-on into a black Chevy Blazer.  The impact of the accident pushed the Blazer into a snow bank and caused moderate front end damage.  The Town Car sustained major damage.

The driver of the Blazer reported wrist pain while his teenaged passenger complained of lower back pain, pointing to a possible minor back injury

The man who caused the accident, Howard W. Adsit, of Kenosha, was not able to tell Caledonia police officers what had happened.  The responding officer reported that he smelled of alcohol and had multiple bottles of empty or open vodka in the car.  Though Adsit agreed to a blood draw to check for blood alcohol content results were not yet available.

Adsit has been charged with two counts of injury while driving drunk.  A conviction could carry up to a two year sentence.      

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