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As a service to the local communities in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, our Midwest trial attorneys frequently post recent news regarding motor vehicle accidents, class action lawsuits, product recalls, current rider news and events, and more.

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  • Avandia Maker to Pay Over $3.4 Billion in Damages Though it may just be the tip of the iceberg for Avandia maker GlaxoSmithKline, they are currently expecting to have to pay $3.4 billion to settle class action lawsuits and other legal charges. Beginning in the summer of 2010 the drug maker has been hit with numerous product liability cases over their diabetes drug, Avandia. The drug has caused serious complications, even death. Attorneys and the drugs users hope that the drug company not only pays for damages but is held accountable for their reckless actions.
  • Winter Weather in Wausau, Wis. Causes Multi-Car Accident Though winter weather is nothing new in Wausau or across Wisconsin a recent storm caused more than 50 accidents and multiple injuries. At least 11 cars rolled over and one multi-car crash on I-39 caused multiple vehicles to slide into roadside ditches. Marathon County reported over 50 car accidents in one day. Only two inches of snow were reported to have fallen in the region.
  • Recalled A.S.R. Hip Replacements Not FDA Approved A loophole in FDA approval procedures has allowed artificial joint makers to put artificial joints, such as the DePuy A.S.R, on the market without FDA approval, trial or independent testing. Though the loophole was intended to allow manufactures to make small changes to a device to improve it, many now worry that it has allowed unapproved, defective joints to be implanted in thousands of patients in Wisconsin and across the nation. Have you been affected by a poorly made hip? You deserve justice. Contact an experienced class action attorney at Hupy and Abraham today. Together we will be heard.
  • Could Metal Hip Implants Have a Negative Neurological Impact? Re-operation and re-replacement of defective hips may not be the only hip replacement issue that implant patients are facing. Quite a few patients are finding that they are become more forgetful and suffering from other neurological issues. Could these symptoms be due to metal on metal hip implants? A recent article, along with a growing number of complaints, may point to a new side effect of certain hip implants- Cobaltism, or an excess of metal cobalt in the bloodstream and tissue.
  • Accident on I-94 Near Racine Injures One A potentially dangerous chemical spill on I-94 near Racine, WI closed the interstate for over four hours and caused at least minor injuries.
  • Recall Of Avandia, Other Prescription Drugs, A Danger In WI Should the FDA be doing more to prevent potentially dangerous drugs from entering the market? Many believe that the answer is yes.
  • Johnson & Johnson Faces Recalls, Citations & Plant Closures Johnson & Johnson is in more trouble over quality control issues. The pharmaceutical giant has faced multiple recalls due to possible dangerous contamination.
  • Hip Replacement Recalls Affect Wisconsin Though recall news involving any drug or device can be upsetting, when the recall involves a hip joint the prospect is downright frightening. Will you need additional surgeries? Will your hip fail, causing undo pain and medical procedures? Thousands in Wisconsin and across the U.S. will be affected by recent hip replacement recalls. Read on to learn more about the current hip replacement part recall.
  • Drunk Driving Accident Ends in Jail Time for Wisconsin Man A man accused of drunk driving and injuring two has been sentenced in Sauk County Circuit Court. The drunken driver, of Prairie du Sac, pled no contest to charges stemming from an accident that injured another driver and a passenger. The driver has been sentenced to four months in jail and has been ordered to pay $1700 in fines and fees.
  • Drug Use Alarmingly High in Wisconsin Car Crashes Though it is no surprise that driving while under the influence of drugs is dangerous, the NHTSA has recently released a report showing that one-third of all drug tests on drivers killed in a motor vehicle accident came back positive for drugs. This number is alarming and the affects of drugs and driving are felt in Wisconsin and across the nation. Wisconsin is one of only 17 states that has a law that addresses dug use in drivers.