Posted on Jan 09, 2011

Though recent hip replacement recall news has focused on the need to remove faulty implants with new units, a disturbing trend has been seen in too many metal on metal hip implant patients.  The newest concern is that the recalled implants, along with others like them, may shed metal into the body. 

According to the U.S. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, metal on metal hip implants have the potential to cause cobaltism.  This serious condition occurs when excessive levels of metal cobalt enter the bloodstream and tissue.  The levels can cause neurological symptoms such as forgetfulness.  Over 100 implant patients have expressed concerns over their own diminished mental capacity.

With all the recent news and concern over faulty hip joints, how can you be sure that your hip replacement is safe?  First of all, do not hesitate to contact your doctor or surgeon.  Doing so will help you determine if you have one of the recalled hips and, if so, what you may need to do to remedy the situation.

If you have undergone hip replacement surgery and a recalled hip joint has been used contact your Wisconsin class action attorney at Hupy & Abraham for your free consultation. Joining a class action lawsuit is often the only way to ensure that big pharma pays for their oversights and mistakes, for endangering your health and well being.  Call today. 1.800.800.5678