Slip-and-fall injuries occur in many settings and for many reasons. Perhaps a shopper slips on some unexpected liquid on the floor in a shopping mall. A stock clerk in a grocery store may trip over an electrical cord that he knew was there—but his mind was elsewhere. An elderly woman who is on medication might misjudge the height of the curb on her way into her apartment building.

Not all slip-and-fall injuries are attributable to the negligence of another person. They may happen because of the individual’s medical condition, the effects of medication, or his own carelessness. If a person is injured when they slip and fall on someone else’s property, though, there might be grounds for a lawsuit.

What Conditions Can Contribute to a Slip-and-Fall Accident?

Several environmental factors may be seen as responsible for a slip-and-fall accident in, including the following:

  • Torn carpeting or damaged flooring;
  • A wet floor that has no posted warning;
  • Insufficient light;
  • Stairs with no handrail;
  • An elevator that is misaligned with the floor by 3 inches; and
  • A handicapped-accessible walkway without sufficient handrails.

How is Responsibility Determined?

There are two key factors to consider when determining fault in a slip-and-fall injury case:

  • Whether or not the property owner acted reasonably to prevent slipping and falling; and
  • Whether or not the injured party was exceedingly careless.

The investigation of a slip-and-fall case must determine whether the property owner was aware of the dangerous condition that cause the injury and if he or she had enough time to correct the problem. Another determining factor is “avoidance of obvious danger”—whether the person who was injured could have anticipated the hazard from prior conditions. Sometimes the property owner can be cited for violation of a building code, but this is rare.

Many commercial property owners have insurance to cover slip-and-fall cases; hence, most are settled out of court.

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