When a property owner shirks his security duties, the results can be tragic

A property or business owner has an obligation to his guests to provide a safe and secure environment. Failing to provide proper security measures may result in one or more of the business’s guests becoming injured due to negligent security.

Being a victim of negligent security can result in sexual assault, serious injuries, loss of personal belongings, and even death. Negligent security incidents can cost financial and emotional stress anywhere they happen. Don’t wait to find out what you should do to protect your recovery; instead take action as quickly as possible if you are hurt.

Where Do Negligent Security Incidents Happen?

Any property owner or manager can fail to provide reasonable security and subject his customers or guests to danger. Some of the common locations where negligent security attacks and assaults occur include:

  1. Hotels. A hotel should provide a safe and secure environment for guests. Unfortunately, some hotels fail to provide adequate locks, working security devices, security guards, or properly trained employees. Failing to provide these things can result in attacks and assaults.
  2. Banks. For years, banks have been the target for many criminals who know that there is a great deal of money—not only inside the bank, but carried out of the bank by customers. The bank should provide security that will keep patrons safe while completing their transactions.
  3. Stores and Shopping Centers. Stores and shopping center owners and managers have a duty to provide reasonable security in their stores and in the parking lots or areas outside of their stores.
  4. Parking Lots. Parking lots offer dark areas, bushes, cars, and other places where criminals can hide and wait for their victims. These places should be kept well-lit and other reasonable security measures should be in place.
  5. Bars and Nightclubs. Drinking is an expected activity in bars and nightclubs. Accordingly, they are common locations for attacks and assaults. Bar and nightclub owners and managers are expected to have reasonable security measures in place to prevent such attacks and assaults. These may include (but are not limited to) having property trained security guards in place and restricting the number of people on the premises.
  6. Apartment Buildings. Many people come and go from apartment buildings. Accordingly, it is important for building owners and managers to provide adequate security for individual apartments and in common areas such as lobbies, lounges, pools, gyms, and parking lots.
  7. Colleges. As with apartment buildings, many people come and go on college campuses and attacks and assaults can occur. Colleges and universities should provide reasonable security to protect students, faculty, and guests from these attacks and they may be liable for injuries if anyone is hurt.
  8. Schools. The Wisconsin School Safety Act requires Wisconsin private and public schools to have security plans in place to prevent attacks and assaults. While it may be difficult to bring a negligent security claim against a school, it is possible to do so and to get the recovery that you, or your child, deserves.

Generally, you may have a negligent security claim if you are on public or private property where you have a reasonable expectation of security and that security was not provided. This includes public properties such as schools and commercial properties such as stores, banks, restaurants, parking lots, apartment complexes, and other properties.

Take Action If You’ve Been Hurt

Dangers are everywhere, and we depend on others to keep us safe. It can be shocking and catastrophic when that trust is betrayed. Don’t let the negligence of others go without consequences and don’t rely on the criminal who hurt you to pay for your medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering, and other damages.

Instead, talk to a negligent security lawyer who will conduct a full investigation and make sure that all of your rights are protected so that you can make the full and fair recovery that you deserve.

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