You may have a potential security claim if you were attacked at a bank

It wasn’t a bank employee who attacked or assaulted you, but the bank may be one of the parties that is responsible for your injuries if you have been hurt.

A bank may be liable for injuries on its property or at its ATM if it fails to provide reasonable security to people who are lawfully on the property, thus making an attack or assault possible.

What Is Reasonable Security?

Reasonable security depends on the location of the property, the use of the property, and the cost of security measures. The large amounts of money present in automatic teller machines and bank branches require a higher level of security then many other types of properties.

While not every bank is required to have exactly the same security plan, many banks are required by federal law to have certain minimum security procedures in place. When investigating whether reasonable security was provided to you at the time that you were injured, your attorney may consider whether the bank…

  • Complied with applicable federal banking security regulations.
  • Had working surveillance cameras.
  • Had procedures for opening and closing the branch and protecting valuables.
  • Had a designated security officer.
  • Kept records of previous criminal activity that occurred at the site.
  • Had adequate lighting in place—particularly at ATMs that could be accessed after regular business hours.
  • Properly trained bank employees about what to do in case of emergency.
  • Had other security measures in place.

Together, this information may help your attorney determine whether you have a potential negligent security claim.

How to Know If Your Injury Was the Result of Negligent Security

Once your attorney investigates what happens, he will let you know whether you have a potential security claim and how to pursue a fair and just recovery.

Whether you’ve been hurt at a bank or another common location for negligent security incidents, we encourage you to contact our experienced lawyers for a free consultation about your right and possible recovery. Please start a live chat with us now or call us any time, day or night, at 1-800-800-5678.

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