Posted on Dec 29, 2017

Preventing Violent Crime

According to the 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report, more than 17,600 violent crimes were reported in Wisconsin during 2015. These crimes included murder, rape, aggravated assault, and other offenses.

Make no mistake. In each of these cases, the person who was responsible for the injuries or deaths that resulted was the person committing the violence. It was not the victim who suffered the injury. The people who committed the crimes and any property owners who failed to provide adequate security should be held liable for the injuries suffered by the victim.

Three Ways to Prevent Future Criminal Attacks

As we begin 2018, we want to help make this year the safest one yet in Wisconsin and around the country. To that end, we suggest three things:

  • First, criminals who hurt other people should be held criminally and civilly liable for their actions. While the state may bring a criminal case against someone who attacked you, you may also have a civil claim that could result in your financial recovery.
  • Second, property owners should provide reasonable security at all times. Property owners have a duty to provide reasonable security. What reasonable security is depends on the use of the property. It may include things such as fences, surveillance cameras, and security guards, for example. The failure to provide reasonable security is known as negligent security.
  • Third, individuals should know responsible methods of self-defense. Self-defense may help you prevent a serious attack or lessen the physical effects of an attack. January is National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month, and it is a great time to make a new year’s resolution to enroll in a self-defense class.

If you have already been injured then we encourage you not to blame yourself. Even if you are well-versed in self-defense tactics, you can’t prevent every injury. However, you can start this year off right by contacting an expereinced negligent security attorney. Let us look into what happened to you and hold the property owner accountable, if appropriate, so that you can make the financial recovery that you deserve. Contact us online or call us directly at 800.800.5678 to schedule your free consultation.

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