Were you hurt by a security guard, bouncer or other person at a bar or nightclub?

You went to the bar or nightclub for a fun night out, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or because you were looking for some excitement. You didn’t give much thought to security at the club, yet you never expected to get hurt. Now that you’ve been the victim of a fight, a sexual assault, or some other kind of attack, you may be wondering if the bar or nightclub should have provided more security to prevent your injury.

You Are Right to Wonder

Bars and nightclubs, like other businesses, have a duty to provide reasonable security for their customers. Accordingly, if you were hurt in a nightclub then you may be wondering whether the security provided was reasonable. Specifically, you may be wondering:

  • Were security guards or bouncers present? Was there anyone in charge of letting people into the club and watching for signs of trouble?
  • Were the security guards, bouncers, or other employees properly trained? Did the people who were providing security know how to do so in a nightclub setting?
  • Was the number of people let into the nightclub limited? The club knows its maximum capacity from the local authorities. Did it have too many people in the venue at the time that you were hurt?

You have a right to have these questions answered. However, it may be difficult to get the answers you need without pursuing a negligent security claim. The bar or nightclub or its insurer may be reluctant to give you the information that you request unless they are compelled to do so.

What If the Club Had Negligent Security? How Can I Recover?

Generally, you will have to pursue a legal claim asserting that the club’s owners were negligent in the security that they provided. You can learn more about how to do that by reading our FREE report, Negligent Security: What You Need to Know About It, and by contacting us directly via this website to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer who will fight for your fair and just recovery if you were hurt by the negligent security of a bar owner, a club owner, or the owner of any other location where a negligent security incident occurred.

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