Notify police and property owners if a negligent security incident caused you harm

Yes, if you have been attacked on someone else’s property then you should promptly inform both the police and the property owner.

Why You Should Call the Police

If you have been attacked or assaulted, then it is important to call 911 and to have the police and other emergency first responders arrive quickly. It is important to have the police come quickly so that:

  • You can receive the emergency medical care that you need.
  • The police can locate the person who attacked or assaulted you.
  • Other people on the property can be protected.
  • The assault or attack can be immediately documented by a professional police officer.

Often, 911 is the first call that should be made, but it is not the only call that is important after a negligent security attack.

Why You Should Call the Property Owner

You should report the attack the owner of the property where you were injured as soon as you are physically able to do so. If you were hurt on a commercial property or at a school then you should simply report that you were attacked. You should tell the property owner the date and time of your attack, but you should not offer an opinion as to why the attack happened—or comment on any security measures that were or were not in place.

Immediately following your attack, you may not know if the security provided on the property was reasonable or if negligent security was a cause of your injuries. You do not need this information before reporting the incident. Instead, you simply need to let the police and property owner know that you were hurt. Then, an investigation can be made into the causes of the attack and of your injuries.

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