Getting a flat tire or blowout on a motorcycle is very dangerous. There is a high probability that the flat tire will result in a Gurnee motorcycle accident. Because of the danger that a flat tire presents to motorcycle riders, many riders are switching to tubeless tires. These tires help to make a blowout much less likely.

Even with tubeless tires, blowouts and flats can still happen. If a blowout does happen, it leaves the rider very little time to react to the situation. Because of this, it is important to be familiar with how the bike maneuvers; then you will be able to tell when something is going wrong with the bike. Once it has been established that the motorcycle has a flat, it is time to react.

Some tips to handling a motorcycle after a blowout are:

  • Slow down. As soon as the rider realizes that the tire is flat, he should steadily slow down by easing off the throttle.
  • Maintain a straight path. The rider should not try to correct the resulting wobble, but instead, keep his eyes straight forward, grip the handlebars tightly, keeping the arms bent and focus on going as straight as possible.
  • Come to a complete stop. It is important not to try to continue riding the motorcycle any further. Gradually bring the bike to a complete stop.
  • Get to a safe place. Once the motorcycle has come to a complete stop, push the motorcycle to the side of the road. The rider should get as far away from oncoming traffic as possible.

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