On average, any given person takes over 5,000 steps in one day. That adds up to approximately 2.5 miles walked on a daily basis. With so many steps being taken, it is likely that many people will slip and fall at some point. Sometimes a slip and fall is just an accident by the person walking. Other times, the fall results from the negligence of another person. These accidents often result in injuries sustained by the victim.

There are many hazards that can result in a slip in fall that is caused by negligence. Forgetting to clean up a spill, ignoring torn carpet, or not providing adequate light are a few examples of common causes of slip and falls in Gurnee.

Many people are unsure what to do after they are involved in a slip and fall accident. After an Illinois slip and fall incident, a victim should:

  • Remain where he is. After falling, the victim should never immediately try to get up. If the injuries are serious, then 911 should be called right away. The most important thing after a fall is to ensure the safety of the victim. A paramedic will be able to transport or treat the victim safely, without risk of complicating any injury.
  • File a report. If the fall happened on commercial property, the owner or manager needs to be informed right away. Most businesses have a form that can be filled out by the victim at the scene of the accident. If the location where the accident occurred does not have one, the victim should be sure to get a statement from all witnesses. Also, he should write down what caused the accident and have a manager or person in charge sign it.
  • Get medical care and follow-up treatment. Even if no serious injury is evident, the fall victim should get a medical evaluation. Many times the injuries sustained don’t show up until days after the accident. Seek medical treatment and follow all recommended therapy procedures. Be sure to document all doctor and therapist visits.
  • File a claim. Contact a reputable Illinois slip and fall lawyer at Hupy and Abraham. They will help you put together your documentation and build a case for you. To receive a free case evaluation call 866-625-2299.
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