Crashed Cars in Rockford IL

Motor vehicle crashes are an unfortunate part of life. Despite various safety measures and government initiatives, accidents continue to happen and people continue to get hurt.

One way to prevent future crashes is to learn what happened in past crashes. Below, we will look at what we know about the 2018 Rockford, Illinois accidents and what to do if you’re hurt, or a loved one dies in a Rockford wreck.

Some Rockford Accident Statistics May Surprise You

According to information from the Illinois Department of Transportation:

  • Weather was not a factor in most accidents. 3,428 of the 4,223 reported crashes occurred in clear weather conditions. Only 395 accidents happened while it was raining, and only 229 accidents happened in snowy conditions.
  • Road surface conditions were not a factor in most accidents. 3,174 of the 4,223 crashes occurred on dry roads. 675 accidents occurred on wet roads, 244 accidents occurred on snowy or slushy roads, 88 accidents happened on icy roads, and the rest occurred on other or unknown road conditions.
  • Most crashes occurred during daylight hours. 2,952 crashes happened during daylight.
  • Road defects did not cause the majority of crashes. Road defects were only reported as an issue in 106 of 4,223 crashes.
  • Vehicle defects did not cause the majority of accidents. 7,003 of the 8,342 vehicles involved in accidents reportedly had no defects. The most common vehicle defect was brakes. 59 crashes allegedly involved defective brakes.
  • Normal driver conditions were reported in most accidents. 7,826 drivers were involved in Rockford crashes in 2018. 6,393 drivers reportedly had normal conditions. Alcohol impairment was the most common of the known driver conditions. 146 drivers were reportedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of their crashes.
  • Teens and older drivers were not involved in the majority of crashes. While drivers of every age from 10 to 98 were involved in wrecks, drivers in their mid-20s to mid-50s were involved in the most accidents.

Other Rockford Accident Statistics are No Surprise

As you might expect:

  • Many different kinds of crashes occurred on Rockford roads. 1,263 rear-end crashes were reported, making rear-end wrecks the most common type of accident. However, 13 other types of accidents were also reported.
  • Accidents occurred every day of the week. The fewest accidents were reported on Sundays (499 crashes) and the most accidents were reported on Fridays (688 crashes).
  • Accidents happened at every hour of the day. The majority of crashes occurred between 7 am and 6 pm, but accidents were reported every hour.
  • All kinds of vehicles were involved in crashes. Passenger cars were most commonly involved in wrecks, followed by SUVs, pickups, and vans/mini-vans.

What Will You Do After a Rockford Accident?

The statistics provided above are a snapshot of one year on Rockford roads, but the numbers show that drivers must be alert in all conditions to avoid crashes. However, statistics can’t tell you what caused your accident. Instead, a full investigation must be done to determine why the accident happened, who may be liable, and what damages you may recover.

Our experienced Rockford car accident lawyers can investigate the causes of your crash and fight hard to get you the fair recovery that you deserve. We know what evidence to look for and how to get it. Insurance companies know what we mean business and they are often willing to settle our clients’ claims rather than go to court.

After we find out what caused your crash, we will advise you of your legal options. You deserve to make a fair recovery for your past and future medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

So far, our accident lawyers have helped more than 70,000 clients recover more than $1 billion in damages. Now, we are here to help you after your accident.

Please get in touch with us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in our Rockford law office, in your home or hospital, or by phone or video conference.


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