Intersection Accidents in Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa

Any intersection can be dangerous. It just takes one negligent, distracted, drunk, or aggressive driver to put you and other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists, at risk.

However, historical data shows that accidents are more likely at some intersections than at other intersections.

Dangerous Quad Cities Intersections

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, there are 200 intersections in the state that are candidates for safety improvements. These intersections were identified based on a formula that accounted for the number of accidents that happened there, number of accidents given the traffic volume, and severity of the crashes that occurred based on data from 2013-2017.

The Iowa Department of Transportation identified 19 of the 200 intersections to be in Quad Cities. This includes the following 16 intersections in Davenport:

  • W 53rd Street and N Division Street which ranked 32nd in the state
  • US 61 / Harrison Street and W Locust Street which ranked 33rd in the state
  • W 3rd Street and Cedar Street which ranked 66th in the state
  • US 6 / W Kimberly Road / E Kimberly Road and US 61 / Welcome Way which ranked 78th in the state
  • US 61 / Brady Street and E 53rd Street which ranked 80th in the state
  • W 4th Street and Gaines Street which ranked 88th in the state
  • US 6 / E Kimberly Road and Jersey Ridge Road which ranked 90th in the state
  • W Locust Street and Hickory Grove Road and N Division Street which ranked 101st in the state
  • US 61 / NE Ramp and US 67 / W 2nd St / Gaines St which ranked 105th in the state
  • US 6 / W Kimberly Road and Northwest Boulevard which ranked 108th in the state
  • US 61 / 140 Street and Co Road Y48 / 110 Avenue which ranked 115th in the state
  • E 53rd St and Elmore Avenue which ranked 116th in the state
  • US 61 / Welcome Way and W 53rd Street which ranked 128th in the state
  • US 61 / Brady Street and W Locust Street and E Locust Street which ranked 140th in the state
  • US 6 / W Kimberly Road and Marquette Street which ranked 148th in the state
  • E 53rd Street and Eastern Avenue which ranked 199th in the state

It also includes the following three intersections in Bettendorf:

  • Lakehurst Drive and E 62nd Street CT which ranked 92nd in the state
  • I-74 and E 53rd Street which ranked 94th in the state
  • E 53rd Street and Corporate Park Drive which ranked 136th in the state

Other areas of the state, particularly the metro Des Moines area, also had significant numbers of intersection accidents.

Intersection Accident Injuries

If you were hurt at one of the intersections listed above or any other Iowa intersection, then you already know that intersection accident injuries are often serious. Motorists, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists are all at risk for suffering injuries such as:

In some cases, death may also occur.

Protect Yourself After a Quad Cities Intersection Accident

After you are hurt, you need to know why the accident happened. Even if your crash happened at an intersection that is included in the Iowa Department of Transportation report, you need to prove that another driver’s negligence caused the crash and that the crash caused your injuries.

You will need evidence and convincing arguments to persuade the insurance company to make a fair settlement with you, and you will need to be ready to go to court if that’s what it takes to protect your future.

Throughout your investigation, settlement negotiations, and possible court case, our experienced Iowa car accident lawyers can help you. For more than 50 years, the attorneys of Hupy and Abraham have been representing car accident victims, and insurance companies know that we mean business.

You couldn’t protect yourself from the intersection crash that left you injured, but you can take action now to protect your physical, emotional, and legal recoveries. Call Hupy and Abraham today to schedule your free initial consultation in our Quad Cities, Des Moines, or Cedar Rapids, office or at a location that is convenient for you.

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