You may not have been the first one hurt at the Des Moines intersection where your recent car crash occurred, and the state of Iowa may know that. The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) has a list of intersections located throughout the state that are in need of safety improvements. The number of accidents that occurred at specific intersections is one factor that the state uses to determine that an intersection is dangerous.

More Than 16 Des Moines Intersections Are on the List

According to the Iowa DOT, the following Des Moines intersections could use safety improvements:

  • US-69/SE 14th Street and Maury Street
  • I-235 and School Street and MLK JR Parkway
  • University Avenue and 6th Avenue
  • IA-63/East University Avenue and East 30th Street
  • US-6/Frederick M Hubbell Avenue and East Douglas Avenue
  • IA-28/63rd Street and University Avenue
  • US-6/ East Euclid Avenue and US-69/East 14th Street
  • US-69/SE 14th Street and East Park Avenue
  • Day Street and 6th Avenue
  • I-235 and US-69/East 15th Street/Johnson Court and Maple Street
  • I-235 and School Street and 7th Street
  • US-6/ E Euclid Avenue and Cornell Street
  • Park Avenue and Fleur Dr.
  • US-69/East 14th Street and Thompson Avenue
  • I-235 and School Street and 3rd Street
  • US-69/SE 14th Street and East Indianola Avenue

These were the 16 intersections with the highest priority for safety improvements in Des Moines. However, many other Des Moines intersections were also on the full list. Whether you have been hurt at one of these intersections or at another, your rights are the same.

Learn How to Protect Those Rights

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