How many people died in Iowa motor vehicle accidents in 2020?

So far, we only have preliminary data through December 16, 2020. However, if we compare January 1 to December 16 data from year to year, we know that more people died in Iowa accidents during this period in 2020 than in 2019.

At Least 315 Lives Lost on Iowa Roads in 2020

Fatal accidents were spread throughout the year, with the highest numbers coming in the summer months. According to preliminary information from the Iowa Department of Transportation:

  • 24 people died in January
  • 17 people died in February
  • 14 people died in March
  • 17 people died in April
  • 21 people died in May
  • 22 people died in June
  • 44 people died in July
  • 52 people died in August
  • 40 people died in September
  • 24 people died in October
  • 24 people died in November
  • 16 people died between December 1 and December 16. The numbers for the second half of December, including the Christmas holiday weekend and New Year’s Eve, could increase the December fatality totals.

The number of deaths in July 2020 and August 2020 was higher than any other July or August fatality numbers since at least 2015.

What to Do If Your Loved One Died in an Iowa Accident

Every number listed above represents a person whose life was cut short in a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident. Their families are left without their love, companionship, income, and advice. While there is no way to undo the catastrophic harm that occurred, a legal case could help the surviving family members recover financial damages and hold the person who caused the fatal accident accountable.

Before you decide whether to pursue a wrongful death case, we encourage you to contact our experienced Iowa car accident lawyers to discuss:

  • Whether you have a case
  • Who can start a lawsuit
  • Who can recover damages in a lawsuit
  • Whether you still have time to bring a lawsuit

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