Posted on Nov 01, 2018

Staying Safe During the Holiday Festivities in Iowa

Every year MADD reminds us to Tie One On for Safety®. This is not the first time that Hupy and Abraham has talked about MADD’s Tie One On for Safety Program®. However, each year hundreds of people die and many more are injured in drunk driving accidents between the Thanksgiving and New Year’s holidays. Therefore, it is important to join MADD in continuing to raise awareness about the risk of drunk driving and about what can be done to prevent DUI crashes, injuries, and deaths.

Encourage Everyone to Have a Designated Driver

MADD’s Tie One On For Safety® campaign is not designed to stop holiday parties or prevent everyone from drinking alcohol. Instead, the campaign encourages everyone to display a red ribbon as a reminder to everyone to identify a designated driver. A designated driver should be someone who is not drinking any alcohol and who is committed to taking other people home.

If a designated driver is not available, then it is important for party hosts and friends to encourage people to either spend the night where they are, to take public transportation, or to call a cab, Uber, or Lyft to get home after drinking at a holiday party.

Know What to Do After an Iowa Drunk Driving Accident

Regardless of how many red ribbons you display or how careful you are in your own actions, you can’t be assured that every other driver is going to make the same safe choices that you did. You could still be hurt by a drunk driver.

If this happens to you during the holiday season—or at any time during the year—then it is important to contact an experienced Iowa car accident attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can investigate the cause of your crash, gather the necessary evidence, hold the right drivers accountable, and fight hard to get you the fair recovery that you deserve. To learn more, please contact us today via this website or by phone to schedule your free initial consultation.

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