There is a lot of potential for injury at the gym. It is certainly easy to injure yourself while exercising. You might physically overexert yourself, you may try to lift too much weight and strain a muscle, or you could injure yourself because you didn’t know how to use an exercise machine correctly or didn’t read the warnings. This is why many gyms require that members sign a general release. It is to protect the gym if the patron doesn’t take the necessary precautions to prevent injury.

However, a release is not enough to excuse the gym from liability if negligence caused your injury.

Slip and fall accidents at the gym are often the result of negligence on the part of the staff or owner. They often occur on wet floors and slick surfaces, including freshly mopped floors in lobbies, newly wet floors in locker rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, and near swimming pools.

It is important that gyms place warning signs wherever there is a wet floor or the potential for a wet floor and install drainage systems to prevent water build-up. Areas such as shower rooms that are frequently wet should have non-slip surfaces and grab bars to prevent falls. A staff member should check those areas regularly to make sure that they don’t pose a danger to the public.

The Milwaukee slip and fall injury lawyers at Hupy and Abraham suggest that anyone injured at the gym consult a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer immediately to determine if the gym’s negligence contributed to the injury. The lawyer will review the release to make sure that the victim’s rights are protected and will advise about the best way to get compensation for the injury. To schedule a free consultation with a Wisconsin gym injury attorney, contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678.

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