Hip replacement surgery helps thousands of people in Wisconsin and across the nation live a full, active life.  A properly replaced hip joint allows the patient nearly unlimited movement and activity.  Please read on to learn more about artificial hip replacement , also known as total hip arthroplasty.

  • Why Hip Replacement Surgery is Performed- Hip arthroplasty is done when a hip joint becomes diseased and is causing the patient pain and decreased mobility. The surgery is warranted if the sufferer is stiff, in pain and has to limit activities. Many doctors recommend other treatments before undergoing surgery. Alternate treatments include pain medications, physical therapy and exercise. If these steps do not relieve pain and discomfort surgery may be necessary.
  • Risks of Hip Replacement- Risks of undergoing hip replacement surgery include blood clots, infection, fracture, dislocations, loosening , breakage of the artificial joint, change in leg length, joint stiffening and wear and tear over time. Many of these risks increase dramatically when the artificial hip joint is found to be defective.
  • Recovering From a Hip Replacement- Blood clot and infection prevention are a key portion of any replacement recovery. In addition, you will be encouraged to begin physical therapy soon after surgery.
  • Recent Recalls- If you are considering hip replacement surgery or already have an artificial hip be sure that you keep track of the many recent hip recall alerts for Wisconsin and the nation. Current hip replacement recalls include: ACR XL Acebular System, Zimmer Durom Cup and the Stryker Hip Implant.

Hip replacement surgery is major surgery.  However, it is often the only way stop pain and allow full activity and movement.  If you are hesitating getting the surgery due to recent recalls then speak with your doctor and physician about your concerns. 

If you've already undergone hip replacement surgery and you are concerned about the safety of your artificial joint please speak with your doctor immediately.  If you need surgery to remove the defective part, or if you have already undergone surgery to fix the problem there is a very good chance that you are entitled to join a class action lawsuit.  Contact your experienced, successful class action attorney at Hupy and Abraham today for your free consultation.  

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