Posted on Dec 19, 2010

DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., the orthopedics unit of pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, has recalled two hip replacement devices.  The recall affects patients in Wisconsin, the United States and across the globe. 

The recall affecting the United States involves the ASR XL Aceabular system, first used in 2004.  The system involves the replacement of the cup portion of the replacement hip.  

Data on the hip replacement device shows that only five years after the hip is replaced 13 percent of patients who received the total hip replacement needed to have surgery to revise and replace the artificial joint.  Last year, Johnson & Johnson discontinued sales of the replacement joint, citing declining demand and a shift of focus. 

However, we are left wondering if the company actually did so to minimize their fault in a possible class action law suit involving the failing replacement part.  Johnson & Johnson intends to cover "reasonable" costs associated with monitoring the hip on a yearly basis.  They have urged anyone with the ASR XL Aceabular system to ask their surgeon for an immediate evaluation.

The pharmaceutical and medical device class action attorneys at Hupy & Abraham would like to urge anyone with a hip replacement to speak with their physician.  In addition we ask that anyone suffering from an adverse reaction to a drug or medical device report these reactions to the FDA.