From around the age of one, most humans are walking on their own. A newly walking child is a great sight to see. Everything is so new to them. They are anxious to use their new walking ability to explore the world. Unfortunately, they do not have the same walking and maneuvering abilities as an adult. This makes a child very vulnerable to slip and fall accidents in Gurnee.

Like adults walking in a public area, children should be provided with a safe and debris-free area to walk. A slip and fall can be dangerous for a child and can lead to severe long-term injuries, every parent’s nightmare.

Some of the common causes for a child to encounter a slip and fall in Illinois include:

  • Torn carpets. Carpet that sticks up can catch your toe causing you to fall. Children have a lower step and are very susceptible to tripping on carpet. Many department stores and hotels have had torn carpet cases filed on them.
  • Poor lighting. Whether in a store or out at night, adequate lighting should be provided for people to walk safely. Walking in low-light areas can be dangerous.
  • Slippery floors. This is perhaps one of the most common and well-known causes of a slip and fall incident. Floors can become wet or slippery floors due to numerous reasons, such as ice, wet tile, condensation, spilled food, and many other causes.
  • Narrow stairways. Narrow hallways can be hard to walk through; add stairs to this scenario and a child is very likely to have an accident.

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