Have You Suffered a Dislocated Shoulder in a Slip and Fall

The way that you fall or the way that you land when you fall can impact the type of slip and fall injury that you suffer. One of the common injuries that may occur after a fall is a dislocated shoulder. The force of impact as the person attempts to stop the fall can easily dislocate the shoulder. A shoulder dislocation can be very painful, and if it is not quickly treated it can cause long-term complications.

Symptoms of a Dislocated Shoulder

It is important to recognize the symptoms of a dislocated shoulder so that you can get proper medical care after a slip or fall injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, four symptoms that a slip and fall victim with a dislocated shoulder may experience are:

  • Visible deformity. After a slip and fall incident occurs, the victim should inspect any part of his body that is causing pain. When the pain is in the shoulder, the victim will notice a visible deformity if it is dislocated. The shoulder will be noticeably out of place.
  • Swelling. As with many other types of injuries, the dislocated shoulder will begin to swell after it is injured. This may also be accompanied with discoloration due to bruising.
  • Pain. A dislocated shoulder is a very painful injury. A slip and fall victim with a dislocated shoulder will notice extreme pain in the shoulder area. The pain is often compared to that of a broken bone.
  • Immobility. The dislocated shoulder will be extremely difficult to move. This is due to damaged ligaments and the shoulder not being in the right location.

It is important to get prompt medical help to help alleviate these symptoms and to start the healing process.

And It Is Important to Get the Legal Help You Need

A dislocated shoulder can result in significant medical bills, an extended time out of work, and other damages. If the negligence of a property owner or property manager caused your fall and resulting injury, then you deserve compensation for all of your damages. For a free case evaluation with an experienced slip and fall lawyer, please call 1-800-800-5678 today.


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