We are sorry to hear about your daughter’s injuries and we wish her a full and fast recovery. If she was seriously injured then, as you already know, her medical bills can add up fast.

A Number of Factors Will Determine Who Pays

Before we can give you an accurate answer about who is ultimately responsible for paying your child’s medical costs, we would need to talk to you and to get more information. However, even before we do that, you can consider the following:

  • Where was the party? The property owner may be responsible if there was a dangerous condition on the property that the owner knew, or should have known, about prior to your daughter’s injuries. Thus, it is important to know if the party was at a party facility such as a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, the Splash Pad at Daniels Park, or a friend’s house in Bowman Woods.
  • What caused your child to fall? If your child fell because of her own carelessness or negligence, then there may be no claim.
  • Who was supervising your child? If your child was not appropriately supervised or did not get prompt medical attention then that could be relevant to your child’s claim.

Of course, there may also be other factors that are relevant in determining who should pay your child’s medical bills and for her other injuries. You can learn more about how Iowa law applies to your child’s case by contacting our Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyers directly and by browsing the free videos and resources available on our website.

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