As you’ve probably already realized, your recent motorcycle accident is different from the one you were in previously. Not only did this crash happen in a different location, such as US-41, US-10, or another Appleton road, but the damage done by this crash was more significant. It was after this accident that you ended up in the emergency room. It was after this accident that you suffered physical pain, considerable medical bills, and time lost from work.

It Is After This Accident That You Need Professional Help

The insurance company may have been willing to give you a fair recovery for your property damage claim. The damage may have been easy to quantify and low enough that the insurance company did not fight you. However, the same might not be true now. Typically, insurance companies try to get personal injury victims to settle for less than their cases are worth. This allows the insurance company to maximize its own profits.

The insurance company is not on your side, and it is usually unwilling to provide fair damages in a motorcycle accident injury case unless it is forced to do so. Often, this happens when an injured rider is represented by an experienced attorney. Then the insurance company knows that the rider means business and then the insurance company may be willing to settle for a fair amount.

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