should I call a lawyer if my hearing injuries from defective 3M earplugs are irreversible?

After serving in the United States military, you may have to live with tinnitus or hearing loss for the rest of your life. However, some things can be done to improve your quality of life. If you suffer tinnitus or hearing loss due to military-issued defective 3M dual-ended Combat Arms™ Earplugs Version 2, then an attorney can help you make a fair recovery.

Don’t Accept Veterans Disability as Full Compensation

You have earned Veterans’ disability benefits, and this compensation may be an important piece of your recovery, but it may not be your entire recovery. Since your tinnitus or hearing loss is directly related to the defective safety equipment that 3M provided to the military, you could have a legal case against 3M. If your lawsuit is successful, then you could recover compensation for all damages caused by your service-related injury, including your past and future:

  • Medical costs. Healthcare expenses including, but not limited to, audiologist appointments, hearing aids, surgeries, and other costs, should be included in your recovery.
  • Lost income. If you can prove that you lost income because of your tinnitus or hearing loss, then that lost income should be part of your recovery.
  • Physical injuries and emotional suffering. The physical and emotional suffering you experience from hearing-related problems may be significant. You may be unable to enjoy the activities you did before you were hurt and your personal relationships may suffer. You deserve compensation for all of these losses.

You can also recover for any other losses that you can prove are directly related to your tinnitus or hearing loss.

Be Prepared to Fight for a Fair Recovery

Although 3M settled a lawsuit with the government related to its defective dual-ended Combat Arms™ Earplugs Version 2, it is unlikely to resolve your case unless you pursue damages.

You don’t have to handle the work and stress of a lawsuit on your own, however. Instead, we encourage you to contact an experienced Iowa injury lawyer for a free consultation in our Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, or Davenport office or in your home or hospital room. Together, we will work to make sure that 3M provides you with the recovery you deserve.

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