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You don't know what the future holds. Your child's doctors are providing you with their best prognoses and treatment plans. They are working toward the best possible medical outcomes for your child, but some of these necessary treatments are expected to be expensive.

Receiving Compensation for Future Medical Expenses

Some vaping-related illnesses, such as EVALI, respiratory illnesses, addiction, and cardiac problems, may require ongoing medical care. Right now, you may not know the full extent of the medical care that your child will need or how much it will cost.

That's okay.

Now is still the time to begin a JUUL injury lawsuit. You have a limited amount of time to begin a JUUL injury case, but you don't need to resolve your case until you have a reasonable estimate of your child's future damages. It may take doctors some time to figure out your child's future treatment plan after an initial diagnosis.

Once your child's doctors and any other experts determine your child's future treatment plan, then we can begin to estimate the costs and make sure that the future medical expenses are part of your settlement or court recovery. These expenses may include, but aren't limited to:

  • Hospitalization or in-treatment addiction programs
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Out placement counseling
  • Any other rehabilitation therapies recommended by your child's medical team

Once a settlement is reached, or a court verdict is issued, your child's right to receive compensation from JUUL Labs ends. Therefore, you must fight for your child's future JUUL-related injury losses now.

Take the First Step to Protect Your Child's Future Compensation

Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for a free consultation about your child's rights and potential recovery. Let us review your child's claim and advise you about how you can best protect all of your child's possible compensation, including past and future medical costs and other damages such as lost income, pain, and suffering.

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