Iowa Roundup Exposure

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup®, is used in every state of the nation. However, according to 2016 data, Iowa is second in the nation when it comes to glyphosate use. In 2016, Iowa used 10,915,748 kilograms of glyphosate. The only state that used more glyphosate than Iowa was Illinois, which used 11,193,851 kilograms.

Where Glyphosate Is Used in Iowa

As in other states, Roundup products are used on a variety of commercial and residential properties, including but not limited to:

  • Farms. About 85% of Iowa is farmland. If you work on a farm, live on a farm, or if you regularly visit a farm, you may have been exposed to glyphosate.
  • Golf courses. There are many public and private golf courses throughout Iowa. Often, glyphosate is used to maintain the groomed greens and manicured fairways.
  • Parks. Iowa is home to 64 state parks and many city and local parks. Throughout the country, glyphosate products are often used to maintain weed-free lawns in public parks.
  • Residential lawns. Many private homes use glyphosate-based products, such as Roundup, on their grass for the same reasons these products are used on golf courses and at parks.

Since Roundup is common at all of these locations, you may be exposed to Roundup while working, at home, or enjoying recreational activities.

Do You Have Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma After Glyphosate Exposure?

Regardless of where you were exposed, you could have a Roundup lawsuit if you can prove that your cancer was caused by Roundup exposure.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma may cause you to incur significant medical expenses, lose time from work, miss out on time with family and friends, and suffer considerable pain and suffering. Our experienced lawyers may help you make a fair recovery.

Call us today to find out more about your rights, about the steps that you need to take to protect them, and about your possible recovery. You can reach us any time through this website or by phone. Additionally, you can learn more about your rights by downloading our free report, Roundup®: What You Need to Know About It.

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