medical records to insurance company after an accident

To resolve your truck accident case, you are going to have to provide medical records to the insurance company. Your medical records provide essential evidence about your truck accident injuries and how those injuries affect your life. Without that evidence, the insurance company is unlikely to settle your claim and the court is unlikely to award you damages.

However, to protect your truck accident recovery, it is essential to work with an experienced truck accident lawyer who can make sure that you are providing all of the required information and no additional information.

What to Do When Insurance Adjuster Asks for Medical Records

The most important thing that you can do is direct your insurance adjuster to your truck accident lawyer. Your lawyer will make sure that the insurance adjuster has everything necessary to settle your claim and no unnecessary information.

Additionally, it is important that you:

  • Do not sign a general release. The insurance company needs medical records related to your truck accident injuries. It does not need all of your medical records. If you provide all of your medical records, then the insurer will likely find some reason to deny your claim.
  • Do not allow the insurance adjuster to talk to your doctor. Your doctor may need to provide a written report, but your doctor should not have a conversation with the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster may take what the doctor says out of context and try to use it against you.

The insurance company is looking for reasons to deny your truck accident claim or to pay you as little as possible to resolve your claim. That’s how the insurance company makes money.

Don’t let the insurance company make money at your expense. Instead, fight for the recovery you deserve by learning about your rights and contacting an experienced truck accident injury lawyer. You can get started right now by reading our Iowa truck accident articles and calling us to schedule your free consultation.

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