Special rules apply for fall and slip accidents in snowy or icy conditions

Slip and fall accidents caused by snow or ice are complicated, and the answer to your question will depend on numerous factors. An experienced slip and fall lawyer knows what factors to consider, what evidence to gather, and how to protect your rights if you’re hurt.

Questions That Need Answering

Before you consider pursuing a recovery from the property owner or occupier, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • Was the snow or ice the result of natural accumulations or something else? You may have an easier time with a claim for the unnatural accumulation of ice than for ice or snow that results from a storm. However, you may still be able to recover damages for a fall on naturally accumulating snow or ice in some situations.
  • Did the property owner try to remove the snow or ice? The specific actions taken by the property owner or someone acting on the property owner’s behalf are important. If, for example, the actions made the situation more dangerous or were insufficient to reasonably fix the danger, then that could be relevant to your recovery.
  • How long did it take the property owner to remove the snow or ice? Property owners should address dangerous conditions such as ice and snow in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Were your injuries caused by your fall? You will need medical evidence to prove that your injuries were the result of your fall.

Of course, answering the questions is not enough. You will need evidence to support your answers and your claim.

Our attorneys can investigate your fall, and if the facts support a claim against the property owner or occupier then we fight hard for your recovery. We are experienced negotiators and litigators, and fighting for the rights of personal injury victims is what we do. However, we will never lose sight of your unique injuries and what your fair recovery means to you. Accordingly, we encourage you to schedule a free, confidential consultation if you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident on an icy or snowy property in Iowa. Simply call us at 1-800-800-5678 or start a live chat with us now to schedule your consultation.

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