First, be sure to see your surgeon.  Even if you are not currently experiencing symptoms common to patients with defective hip joints, namely pain, discomfort or weakness in the joint, it is wise to have the hip checked.  Currently, many surgeons are advising their patients to be checked every year and to undergo re-replacement surgery only when there are symptoms present or evidence that the replacement is failing.

After ensuring that you are not facing immediate danger, contact an experienced class action attorney.  A lawyer who specializes in dangerous drugs and defective medical devices will be able to help you determine if you are eligible to become part of a defective hip lawsuit.  

If you have already undergone re-replacement surgery and the replaced part was one that was recently recalled, you have the right to join a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

However, not all class action lawsuits are successful and not all win maximum compensation for those who file.  You need an aggressive, experienced team of attorneys will best represent you and the other claimants in the suit.  Hupy & Abraham are these attorneys.  We are dedicated to patients rights and have earned our reputation of fierce defenders of the wronged.  Contact your Wisconsin class action attorney today for your free consultation. 

Though one voice may not make an impact, together we will be heard.