JUUL Vaping Device Used in a Lawsuit Against JUUL Labs

You’ve heard the news stories and witnessed the effect JUUL products have had on your teenager. You may be angry, scared, and ready to pursue a lawsuit against JUUL Labs. However, before you file a case in court, there are specific steps that you should take.

What to Do After a JUUL Injury

If your child begins to exhibit signs of lung disease, addiction, or other physical problems, you can:

  • Accurately document all of your child’s symptoms and JUUL use. This information can help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis and come up with the right treatment plan.
  • Get your child medical help quickly. Of course, prompt medical attention is essential to your child’s physical health. It could also, however, provide the necessary evidence for a potential lawsuit.
  • Contact a JUUL injury lawyer. An attorney can provide you with a case evaluation and, if appropriate, file a complaint in court for you. It is essential to include all relevant information in your complaint, to file it with the right court, and to file it before the statute of limitations expires.

Don’t File a JUUL Lawsuit Alone

Let our experienced injury lawyers help your child make a fair recovery. We will make sure that all legal deadlines are met, that all relevant evidence is discovered and that your child’s right to fair compensation for past and future healthcare costs, lost income, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other losses is protected.

We understand that you want additional information before you decide whether to go forward with a JUUL lawsuit, and we encourage you to get all of the information that you need so that you can make an informed decision about whether you should file a case on behalf of your child.

You can begin getting the information that you need right now by downloading a free copy of our book, JUUL: What You Need to Know About It, or by contacting us directly to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation in our Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, or Wausau office, at your home, or at the hospital where your child is receiving treatment.

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