Summer fades and the leaves begin to fall bringing the first signs of winter and the conclusion of the riding season. Before parking your motorcycle for the winter it is important to winterize it. Prepping your motorcycle for the winter will keep your bike running well, and ultimately will keep you safer on the road. A few steps to winterize your motorcycle are:

  • Change the oil. Even if you are not due for an oil change you should still put fresh oil in. This will get rid of any byproducts produced from combustion.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer. Fill the gas tank up and add a winterizing fuel conditioner. This will keep the fuel from going stale.
  • Store the battery. Remove the battery from the motorcycle. The battery should be recharged every two weeks.
  • Prepare the surface. Give your bike a fresh coat of wax. The wax will act as a barrier against rust and moisture. Also lightly spray all metal surfaces with WD-40.
  • Store it. Once you are ready to park it for the winter, find a dry place to keep it. Cover it with a motorcycle tarp to protect it from any dust and moisture.

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