The police officers, EMS workers, fire-rescue, police and military members of Milwaukee, Wisconsin put their lives on the line every day. They do so in order to protect our citizens and respond to emergencies of every description. As personal injury attorneys, we here at Hupy and Abraham too often hear about first responders who have been injured, even killed, during traffic stops or while responding to accident scenes.

In this article, we will be looking at the dangers that face these brave men and women and how the United States First Responders Association works to inform and educate both the public and our nations heroes.

  • Mission: The USFRA is dedicated to advancing "the profession of fire, emergency, police and military services through proactive community leadership, education advocacy, policy, procedure and guidelines that would best help our emergency services provide aid to the citizens of the United States and worldwide."
  • Disaster Preparedness- offers emergency preparation information for both emergency personnel and civilians. Highlights of this page include tips and discussion on preparing for the unexpected.
  • Events- Nationwide events are listed here. Frequent events include trainings, conferences and fund raising activities such as the 5th Special Operations Forces Run.
  • Job Listings- Available jobs through FEMA and ATF can be viewed here. Also listed are government and civilian jobs catered to first responders.

The staff and attorneys at Hupy and Abraham would like to take this opportunity to thank first responders for all you do.  Every day, we meet people who have been involved in an accident and very often, these accident victims are only alive due to the quick response of fire-rescue, EMT and police officers.

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