You've been injured in a Stevens Point, Wisconsin car crash. Perhaps you only sustained "minor injuries." Then why are you still in pain?  Still suffering weeks after the accident?

So-called "minor injuries" can have a major, lasting effect on your well being and on both your physical and emotional health. Listed below are some of the more common minor injuries caused by auto accidents.

One of the problems with this injury is that its effects may not be felt for days, even weeks, after the accident. You walk away from the crash and report no immediate pain or trauma only to go home and days later, wake up with pain, stiffness and numbness in your head, neck, back and/or shoulders. Whiplash can affect your health for years and leave you with daily pain.

A laceration is a cut caused by blunt force trauma. The skin may be torn, cut or punctured. Though some cuts will heal easily, if the wound is deep enough it can sever muscle and nerves. In addition, infection is a risk with any cut, nonetheless with a deep laceration, often seen in car accidents. This minor injury is serious when it leads to permanent scaring, loss of movement in the affected body part or infection.

Though a broken, arm, leg, nose or rib may seem major to you, if the break is not too severe (i.e. does not require surgery), then it is often designated a minor injury. However, a bone break can cause long term pain and damage, depending on the placement of the break and any other injuries, such as crushing injuries. A crushing injury can cause nerve and tissue damage and often goes along with broken bones caused by the impact of a car accident.

One of the primary problems with an injury being labeled as minor is that insurance companies don't want to give you the compensation you need. They may fight you on your medical bills and any ongoing medical care. It is very possible that they will insinuate that you are lying, exaggerating your injuries. If your or the other driver's insurance company is denying your claim, fight back.

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