2021 Midwest Women's Rider Event in Woodstock, Illinois Recap Hupy and Abraham sponsored


Women's Midwest Riders Event Recap 2021 



This year, Hupy and Abraham sponsored the 2021 Midwest Women's Rider Event in Woodstock, Illinois. The Midwest event is known as one of the largest women's events that bring women together from all over the country. This year's theme design, "Get your Grove On," was designed to bring women who ride their own motorcycles together to celebrate one another and riding.  



The event's atmosphere was a relaxed and inviting environment filled with tie-dyed colors and shirts around the fairgrounds. Participants enjoyed various activities on the fairgrounds, ate at multiple vendors and enjoyed evening shows. The event had multiple sponsors, including Hupy and Abraham. Our team handed out merchandise, along with newsletters to help the motorcycle community stay informed on all things motorcycles and additional resources. 


Hupy and Abraham believes that it is always essential to connect with the community and is happy to be a part of events with Women's Midwest Riders. 


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