Motorcycling in Green Bay can be a fun and adventurous way of transportation. With the average motorcycle getting 35 to 40 miles per gallon of gasoline, it is also a very economical means of transport. This—combined with the beautiful summer weather—has brought the number of bikes on the road to an all-time high. In fact, from 2000 to 2010 there was a 27 percent increase in motorcycle licenses issued in the state of Wisconsin. And there are now six motorcycles registered for every 100 residents.

With the number of motorcycles on the road increasing, the number of accidents is surely to rise as well, and they have. Following are some of the statistics for Wisconsin motorcycle wrecks:

  • Number of wrecks. In 2010 there were 2,214 motorcycle accidents involving injury. This is a 2.2 percent increase from the previous year. There were 98 motorcyclists killed in traffic crashes in 2010, showing a 16 percent increase from 2009.
  • Age groups. Younger riders are disproportionately likely to get in Wisconsin bike accidents. Motorcyclists between the ages of 35 to 54 account for 50 percent of motorcycle licenses and account for 46 percent of the total crashes. Motorcycle riders between the ages of 16 to 24 make up 3.9 percent of licenses, while accounting for more than 14 percent of crashes.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol and/or speed were factors in 70 percent of all fatal single-vehicle motorcycle wrecks. There were a total of 224-alcohol related motorcycle accidents in 2010. Over 84 percent of these wrecks happened between the hours of 4 p.m. and 4 a.m.

As you can see, Green Bay motorcycle accidents occur often. Unfortunately many of these accidents have bad consequences such has severe injury or even death. It is important that riders take precautions on the road to stay safe. If you have been involved in an accident it is important to know your rights as a victim. Contact the Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham for a free consultation. Call 920-593-5050 (locally) or 800-800-5678 (toll-free throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin) today and you can receive a FREE copy of the book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.